A Few Necessary Explanations For The Outcome Of The Arbitration Dispute With Frontera

28 May, 2020
Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC) and the Georgian State Agency of Oil and Gas (SAOG) call on Frontera Resources Georgia Corporation (FRGC) to refrain from unscrupulous actions, disseminating misinformation around the actual outcomes of the arbitration proceedings, and hence politicizing the legal dispute. In addition, Frontera must respect the award of the Arbitral Tribunal—the dispute resolution institute agreed by the parties—and ensure its enforcement. In order to protect society and interested parties from misunderstandings, or misleading information, we call on Frontera to consent to the revocation of the status of confidential document for the arbitral award and consequently to its disclosure.

As a consequence of the fact that Frontera refuses to disclose the arbitral award so far, and since Georgian side refrains from unilateral action, we will limit ourselves with just brief information around the main postulates of the award in order to protect the state’s investment image and to satisfy the interested parties: The Arbitral Tribunal supported legal position of the Georgian side and satisfied a vast majority of the claims made by GOGC an ...
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