George Chikovani: "GOGC successfully introduces gender equality principles and high standards of providing equal opportunities"

07 March, 2023

The final event of the project "Equal Opportunities in the Energy Sector in Georgia" was held on the initiative and organized by Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC). The project aims at promoting equal opportunities, balancing gender equality at the workplace and increasing support of employment of women at technical and managerial positions.

The event was opened by George Chikovani, General Director of GOGC and Katarina Bjorlin Hansen, EBRD Regional Director for the Caucasus and was followed by presentation of activities carried out, works performed within the framework of the project and their outcomes, Q/A session and panel discussion.

At the final stage of the event, George Chikovani signed the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), thereby confirming readiness of the company to contribute to empowerment of women and gender equality at the workplace and in the society.

"We are willing to increase participation of women in the energy sector of Georgia which is currently dominated by men. Throughout my career, we have planned a number of projects and activities in the field of energy in this direction. We ...

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