George Chikovani held meetings on construction of the green hydrogen plant in Batumi

24 January, 2024

Head of Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation, George Chikovani held a meeting on construction of thegreen hydrogen plant in Batumi, within the framework of his visit to Adjara region.


The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Batumi Archil Chikovani, Director of Energy Sector of the German Development Bank (KfW) Bodo Schmülling  and members of the Implementation Group on Green Energy established at GOGC.


Various technical, infrastructure and legal issues related to construction of a plant for production of green hydrogen and use of green energy were discussed at the meeting. With the participation of the parties involved in the project, the site of the hydrogen plant, so-calledelectrolyser, has already been selected. Routes for green hydrogen-powered buses have also been developed.


According to George Chikovani, the German specialists engaged in the project will develop technical parameters of the electrolyser, determine its capacity, and perform 3D modeling of the project. He stated that after completion of the research, the necessary capacity of hydrogen plant for Batumi will be determined. After the meeting Mr. Chikovani visited Batumi industrial zone, where the green hydrogen plant and hydrogen and hydrogen storages will be located in the future.


It is noteworthy that the Green Hydrogen Development Project initially envisages introduction of hydrogen-powered public transport in the city of Batumi. The agreement covers both the pilot green hydrogen plant and the development of its full value chain.


Within the framework of the week of talks between the governments of Germany and Georgia in June, an agreement was signed between the Director General of GOGC,George Chikovani and the Director of Energy Sector of KfW, Bodo Schmülling, envisaging allocation of 1.3 million EUR for development of use of green hydrogen and related measures.