Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation implements large domestic and international energo projects. For these purposes Corporation needs significant financial resources.

One of the most reliable and inexpensive source of financing for Corporation is Eurobonds which is actively traded on European Stock Exchange. 

In 2012 Corporation successfully issued 250 million USD Eurobonds and placed them on London Stock Exchange. 

In 2016 Corporation reissued Eurobonds and made early redemption of Eurobonds issued in 2012.  

Maturity date of reissed Eurobonds is April 2021.

Below are provided short terms of Eurobonds issued in 2016.
Terms of Eurobonds issued in 2016


JSC Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation 

Notes Rating:

Standard & Poor's:B+  / Fitch: BB 

Issue Size:

 USD 250,000,000 

Settlement Date:

26 April 2016 (T+5) 

Maturity Date:

26 April 2021 


 6.750% per annum

Issue Price:


Pricing Benchmark:

 US Treasury 1.250% due March 2021

Benchmark Treasury Yield:


Spread to Benchmark:

 575.5 bps

Yield to Maturity:



By noteholders on change of control 


Rule 144A / Regulation S 

Expected Listing:

UKLA Official List / London Stock Exchange 

Governing Law:

English Law 

Fiscal Agent and Principal Paying and Transfer Agent:  

Citibank, N.A., London Branch

Registrar and Paying and Transfer Agent:

Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG 

Joint Lead Managers: 

Barclays Bank PLC


 J.P. Morgan Securities plc