GOGC employees planted trees on the territory adjacent to Natakhtari-Lekhura pipeline

24 April, 2023

GOGC employees planted 100 trees of various species in Mtskheta Municipality, within the framework of the landscaping campaign dedicated to the Earth Day.

The slope adjacent to 17 km corridor of Natakhtari-Lekhura pipeline laid by GOGC in village Vaziani was selected for the activity. The process of construction and rehabilitation of main gas pipelines, sometimes envisages keeping account of and cutting trees and plants in compliance with respective procedures for creation of a safe environment in the right of way. GOGC showed the initiative in planting new trees in return for the cut trees and joined the most large-scale global event aiming at environmental protection and awareness raising in this direction.

The tree species to be planted were selected by specialists considering the local environmental conditions and the climate. These included: ash tree, maple, oak, cypress etc. The area to be landscaped close to a school, a sports ground and a kindergarten was selected considering the desire of the local residents. The village residents and representatives of the local self-governing bodies, including, the mayor of Mtskheta Municipality participated in the tree planting.

The landscaping campaign was held on the initiative and with participation of George Chikovani, General Director and the Directorate of GOGC.