The Basics of Success

The corporate governance system of GOGC is aimed at maintaining and development of reliable relations with investors, shareholders and other stakeholders, which increases the investment attractiveness of the company.

Code of Ethics and Conduct
Stakeholders of GOGC include all persons interested in the activities of GOGC.
The main stakeholders of GOGC are:

Shareholders, credit organizations, investors – We actively work for achievement of the set financial goals and actively exchange information with stakeholders so that they have full and detailed information related to the processes ongoing at GOGC and its financial situation.

Employees - We constantly take care of improvement of working conditions of employees and their development to create competitive human resources.

Business partners - We actively cooperate with local and foreign companies and exercise continuous control over compliance of the Agreement provisions which must comply with local and international legislation for continuous and effective cooperation.

State authorities – We carry out activities within the framework of legislation and submit all necessary information to respective authorities in a timely manner. 

Society – Our company represents the object of interest of society as it is strategically important for the energy sector of the state. We try to carry out our activities in a transparent manner and satisfy the interest of society in respect to GOGC.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board plays an important role in the activities of GOGC.
The Supervisory Board appoints and oversees the management to ensure achievement of strategic goals of GOGC and permanent response of the management to the risks associated with business activities.
The Supervisory Board is also responsible for appointment, evaluation and remuneration of Directorate members.

  • Mr. Vazha Khidasheli -Chairman;

  • Mr. Giorgi Chachibaia- Deputy Chairman;

  • Supervisory Board member – Teimuraz Kurkhuli.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for supervision over the company governance, its daily management and activities. The activities of the Board of Directors are based on procedures and the provisions of the current legislation which describe their responsibility, duties and administrative procedures.

The Board of Directors of GOGC is composed of five members and each of them is appointed by the Supervisory Board.

Members of the Board of Directors are:
- General Director;
- Commercial Director;
- Financial and Property Management Director;
- Technical Director.

The main functions of structural units directly accountable to the General Director are coordination of significant HR, legal and strategic planning issues, issues related to international relations, including international investor relations and public relations, as well as safe management of work and protection of confidential information, control of commercial activities and preparation of respective recommendations for the Board of Directors.