GOGC Is Announcing A Tender For The Construction Of Abasha-Senaki 29 Km Section Of The Main Gas Pipeline

31 January, 2013

GOGC as announcing a tender for the construction of Abasha-Senaki 29 km section of the main gas pipeline. GOGC invites all the interested physical and legal entities to submit the bids.

Bidders must prove that they meet the following qualification requirements to bid- bidders must have adequate working capital for the contract but not less than 50% of the contract price, as well as have adequate human and material resources for the contract, including sufficiently qualified key personnel and necessary equipment. 

Bidders must also have adequate experience for the contract, having constructed minimum 10 km or longer of 300 mm diameter or larger pipelines within last 5 (five) years in the framework of one project. 

The successful Bidder(s) are expected to complete the works within the period of nine months from the day of entry into force of the agreement. 

Bids must be received from 11:00 a.m. 5 March, 2012 till 6:00 p.m. 9 March, 2012. 

Abasha-Senaki 29 km section is the first stage of Kutasi-Senaki gas pipeline construction. The construction of Kutaisi-Senaki 80 km section is planned in the frames of USAID's Power and Gas Infrastructure Program. USAID has been implementing Power and Gas Infrastructure Program since 2010, and assists the Government of Georgia in undertaking strategic interventions in gas and power infrastructure aimed at enhancing the energy security of the country. 

Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation has been cooperating with USAID in the frames of a 30-month Power and Gas Infrastructure Program. Under the program a-30 km gas pipeline from Senaki to Poti has already been constructed