Meeting of expert specialists and the Energy Community held at GOGC

18 July, 2018
Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation is actively engaged in review of the new law on energy and the related legislative acts.

For this purpose, the meeting of Energy Community and the company’s expert specialists was held at GOGC on July 18. The draft concept of natural gas market arrangement was reviewed at the meeting. Several amendments predetermined by the specific nature of Georgia will be made to the submitted draft concept.

The law envisages introduction of the principal provisions of Europe’s 3rd Energy Package in the electricity and natural gas markets of Georgia. As a result of arrangement of natural gas, the country will be less dependent on the dominant suppliers from foreign countries. Energy security will be increased, the competitive market with transparent, fair and available prices will be established.

The draft law on energy is prepared with the funding of the Energy Community, in accordance with commitments stipulated by the EU Association Agreement.

In accordance with the provisions of the law on energy, formation of the natural gas market will be carried out stage by stage, in 2018-2023.