JSC Namakhvani HPPs Cascade Puts Bridge Construction in Zhoneti on Hold

21 March, 2013
JSC Namakhvani HPPs Cascade puts bridge construction in Zhoneti, Tskaltubo Municipality on hold. On 21 March 2013, Giorgi Abramishvili, Director of JSC Namakhvani HPPs Cascade held a press-conference in Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation concerning the bridge conservation issue.

“International and local experts have identified the need for more comprehensive and thorough engineering, ecological, cultural and social studies. Based on the conclusions and recommendations, we think that the continuation of the construction project will be irresponsible of us, as it may cause irreparable ecological and social damage to the country. Therefore, we decided to put the bridge construction on hold (which will cost GEL 118 000) until the abovementioned works are carried out”, said Giorgi Abramishvili.

In summer 2012, in the frames of the Namakhvani HPPs Cascade Construction Project, JSC Namakhvani HPPs Cascade, a subsidiary of JSC Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation, started construction of two bridges on the river Rioni, in the villages of Zhoneti and Tvishi. The Hydro Power Plant project envisaged construction of bridges as part of the access road which were to be used only to transport large-tonnage and off-gauge cargo.

The construction of the bridge is quite expensive and totals to GEL 8 000 000. Gel 3 500 000 have already been spent and the project completion requires GEL 4 500 000.