International Competitive Bidding Announced to Implement the Second Phase of the North-South Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation

10 April, 2008
Millennium Challenge corporation fund will declare the winner of the tender.

The tender will be divided into several lots:

Lot 1- Replacement of a 3, 6 km corroded section of the Kazakh-Saguramo1020mm and the replacement of a 3,6 km and 720 mm corroded connector line of the Karagagh-Tbilisi 720mm and the Kazakh-Saguramo 1020mm pipelines.

Lot-2-Arrangement of barrage in Dushetiskhevi riverbed and erosion protection at its tributary as well as arrangement of in stream barrage to maintain pipeline crossing near Tskhvedieti.

Lot-3- Arrangement of two culverts on streams crossing the Right of Way in order to maintain access along the pipeline and bank protection works against erosion of the left embankment of River Aragvi along the 2 km section of the gas pipeline.

Lot-4-Replacement of 1020 mm gas pipeline underground crossing across the River Gldanula, as well as replacement of 9 block valves of various dimensions.

In addition, the companywinning the tender is obliged to removea partially submerged line valve located in the bed of Zhinvali Reservoir

The Government of Georgia and the United States of America, acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation signed the Millennium Challenge Account Compact on September 12, 2005 that provides funding of up to US$295.3 million to the Government for a Millennium Challenge Account program. The International Competitive Bidding was announced under the framework of MCC funds.