GOGC, SOCAR and Romagaz have signed the Memorandum

14 September, 2010
Several documents were signed during the meeting of Presidents of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Romania, that was held in Baku supporting AGRI Project.

One of the main documents - on establishment of joint organization by three countries and realization of AGRI Project - is the MEMORANDUM OF MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING that was signed by LLC Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation, SOCAR and ROMAGAZ.

According to Energy Minister of Azerbaijan - Natik Aliyev the managing Company uniting three Companies: SOCAR, GOGC and Romagaz each with 33,3% share will ensure preparation of feasibility study and financing for realization of this study.

At the Meeting the Presidents of three countries emphasized the significance of Project for energy security of Europe and also mentioned that AGRI will be helpful for regional cooperation.

MEMORANDUM of AGRI (Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania Interconnector) has been signed in Bucharest on April 13. The Project envisages the construction of natural liquid gas terminals in Georgia and construction of regasification terminals in Romania.