GOGC announces an Invitation for Bids

28 June, 2010
LTD Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation invites all concerned persons to submit the Bids for the procurement of construction of 30 km Poti-Senaki DN 700 main gas pipeline in four lots.

Participant must have the experience of implementing at least one similar kind of project with the cost of 2,000,000 Georgian Lari during last 10 years (Participants should provide the list of the works (including costs) performed by the participant during last 10 years).

The participants of Bidding shall be able to obtain Bidding Documentation compiled in Georgian language from June 30 to July 26, 2010.Bidding proposals shall be opened at 16.00 hours on July 27, 2010.

The construction of Senaki-Poti sector of gas main pipeline aims to support in development of Poti Free Industrial Zone. Namely it is planned to build plant of liquid natural gas at Black Sea coast. It will bring the possibility to export natural gas received from different sources. GOGC plans construction of Senaki-Poti sector about 700mm in diameter and approximately 27km in length that will provide secure gas supply to development industrial-economic and recreation zones. Taking into consideration the development of free economic zone in Poti the prospects in increase of gas usage in the region is high. For satisfaction of increased requirement it is essential to build of Senaki-Poti line approximately 30km in length and 700mm in diameter.