The Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund supplied the Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation with 12 km of pipes

05 May, 2011
GOGC and MCG have signed today a contract on supply of 12 km of pipes to the Corporation.
The pipes required for the construction (12 km) were procured for the Corporation by the Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund. The pipes and other equipment of total value of USD 6,012,757.77 were procured by international bidding procedures.

"The MCG has been in successful partnership with the Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation for the last four year period", - said Giorgi Abdushelishvili, the Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Fund Georgia.

"The pipes (12km) and other equipment were procured within the framework of Energy Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project of MCG with total budget of up to USD 50 million. The Corporation will use the pipes for the construction of the Navtlugi-Saguramo section of the Gas Main Pipeline, which is very important for the diversification of natural gas supply sources in Georgia"-said Abdushelishvili.

During 2006-2010 within the frameworks of MCG's Energy Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project (with the total budget of up to USD 50 mln) the MCG in cooperation with the GOGC successfully completed the three phases of the North-South Gas Main Pipeline Project, which envisaged rehabilitation and construction of 22 most damaged sites. In addition a full-scale pre-construction studies and a construction project were developed for the underground gas storage facility. The Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation was an implementing entity for the Energy Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project, while the construction works were carried out by international and Georgian companies selected through the international bidding procedure.