The First Phase of Gas Main Rehabilitation is Completed

20 September, 2007
Today Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund (MCG) reported on completion of the energy infrastructure rehabilitation project first phase. To update partners and stakeholders on development of the energy rehabilitation project and the future plans was the purpose of the presentation held at Hotel Courtyard Marriott.

The objective of the MCG's Energy Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project is to rehabilitate severely damaged sites of the gas main. During the first phase of the rehabilitation, on the basis of the feasibility study, the six most hazardous sites of the gas main were identified which have been repaired according the required highest standards (River Arkala crossing, Meneso landslide zone, Naniani landslide zone, Zotikaantkari, River Gldanula crossing, Pipeline's corroded section).

Preparatory works are ongoing for commencement of the second phase of rehabilitation.