GOGC Commenced Reconstruction of the Pipeline Bridge on the River Natanebi

04 February, 2014
JSC Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC) has commenced reconstruction of the pipeline bridge over the River Natanebi, which is part of the Kutaisi-Sukhumi Main Gas Pipeline. Reconstruction works are being carried out by Ltd Geolodi on request of GOGC.

The segment to be reconstructed is located on the 46 km of the Kobulti branch of the Main Gas Pipeline.

Heavy rainfall and flooding affected the Natanebi riverbed and shifted it to the right side. In August 2013, it severed the pipeline section located under the water and removed it from its pier columns. The pier columns of the current pipeline bridge are significantly damaged too. Due to these conditions, the reconstruction of the pipeline bridge proved to be necessary. Currently, natural gas is being supplied via the temporary pipeline which was restored after the damage.

Reconstruction works are expected to be completed in spring 2014.