Vnipitransgas is actively involved in exploration extraction works conducted at Saguramo-Navtlughi 50km section

23 July, 2008
Representatives of a Ukrainian company Vnipitransgas will start pre-design works on Saguramo-Navtlughi 50 km section of the main gas pipeline. To that end, today Ukrainian specialists together with the management of the engineering –technical department of GOGC observed engineering-geological works conducted on the site.

Geological and geodesic surveys have been conducted on Saguramo-Navtlughi right of way for already a month; as a result, certain parts of the way can be moved to another corridor.

Specialists from Vnipitransgas will remain in the corporation for three more days to sum up the results of the survey. GOGC will allocate $195ml for design works.

Saguramo-Navtlughi section of the main gas pipeline is part of the Saguramo-Tsitelikhidi project. Under the project 30 km section of the Gardabani –Navtlughi gas pipeline has already been finished