Romeo Mikautadze introduces Tamaz Deminashvili as the General Director of Gardabani TPP

15 September, 2022
Romeo Mikautadze, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, introduced Tamaz Deminashvili as the new General Director to employees of Gardabani TPP, subsidiary of GOGC.
At the meeting attended by George Chikovani, General Director of GOGC, Mr. Mikautadze emphasized that proper and effective operation of the TPP is the most significant for continuous energy supply of Georgia. He evaluated appointment to the position of the General Director of the person who had been working in the TPP for several years as a particularly positive factor and stated that Mr. Deminashvili has a clear vision of the industry development and principles based on his long-term employment in this field.

Until now, Tamaz Deminashvili held the position of the Deputy General Director of Gardabani TPP.