New Enenrgy Tbilisi-Saqhydro will start the rehabilitation of the North-South gas pipeline in October

23 September, 2008
New Enenrgy Tbilisi Saqhydro will start the rehabilitation of the North-South gas pipeline in October. The company established on the bases of Tbilisi - a construction company, New Energy and Saqhyro, was declared the winner in MCG announced tender.

8,7ml dollar worth Main gas pipeline rehabilitation project was signed today.

The company will carry out phase II rehabilitation works in compliance with international standards, declared MCG executive director Giorgi Abdushelashvili.

The winner will carry out important works and the implementation of phase II is a step forward for ensuring safe transportation of natural gas.

Under the second phase, the gas pipeline rehabilitation works will be implemented on the following sites:

1. Gardabani 3.6 km corrosion site;
2. Rustavi 3.6 km corroded connector site;
3. Gldanula River crossing site1020mm;
4. Rehabilitation of the Dushetiskhevi River crossing and its tributary site;
5. Tskhvedieti Stream crossing site;
6. Two ROW Stream culvers site to the North of Ananuri (1220mm);
7. Aragvi River bank strengthening site to the north of Pasanauri (1220mm);
8. Replacement of valves (540 mm 720 mm 1220mm) and Removal of a line valve from Zhinvali reservoir

The project will be executed by GOGC.

Within the first phase of the project, construction works have already been completed on six sites of the pipeline. After the start of phase III, eight more sites will be rehabilitated; preparation for the start of the work is underway.

The rehabilitation of the North-South pipeline will increase energy security of the country and the whole region and enable secure supply of natural gas as well as reduce technical loss of gas from the pipelines.