Memorandum of Cooperation signed between GOGC and Rugby Club "Lelo"

28 April, 2022
Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between GOGC and Rugby Club "Lelo". The Memorandum signed by George Bakhtadze, General Director of GOGC and Vasil Kevlishvili, Chairman of "Lelo" envisages providing financial support to the Club by GOGC.

The Major League player Rugby Club with a longstanding legacy has a diverse and rich history of achievements. It owns three rugby bases and participates in rugby festivals of all age groups held in Georgia throughout a year.

At the signing ceremony of the Memorandum held at one of the bases of the Rugby Club "Lelo", Head of GOGC talked about importance of cooperation and emphasized the necessity of facilitation of the Georgian sport with specific actions.

"I am happy to attend this significant event which lays the foundation for cooperation and strong friendship between GOGC, Rugby Union and Rugby Club "Lelo". This is the first step made by GOGC for the purpose of financial support and promotion of the Georgian sport and a healthy lifestyle, within the framework of social responsibility. By doing this, we are making our modest contribution to development of sport and correct physical education of the future generations.

Rugby Club "Lelo" has indisputably proudest past, diverse history of success and I am sure, a promising future. Therefore, it is a great honor for us to cooperate with them, especially considering the importance of Rugby for our country and the scope of achievements of our sportsmen in this type of sport. I would like to wish "Lelo" a huge success in the upcoming competitions and express a hope that this Club will raise more well-known sportsmen" – stated George Bakhtadze.

The Memorandum became effective immediately upon signature.