MCG purchased pipes for the second phase of gas main rehabilitation

22 January, 2008
On January 22, Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund executed an agreement with Azerbaijanian Company - Oil and Gas Construction Trust. According to the agreement the company shall ensure supply of pipes and other materials worth around USD 6.4 million. The signing ceremony was held at the head office of MCG.

Commencement of the second phase of rehabilitation of North South Gas Main is anticipated by Summer 2008. Purchased pipes (7 km length in total) will be used for rehabilitation of 9 sites envisaged in the second phase.

Budget of the energy infrastructure rehabilitation project of MCG is USD 49,5 million. Purpose of the project is to rehabilitate damaged sections of the North South gas main. The initial phase of rehabilitation has been completed. Currently the activities are in progress for commencement of the construction works for the second phase of rehabilitation.