Construction works continue on the main gas pipeline Gori-Kareli section

11 July, 2014
Construction of DN 700 Gori-Kareli 20 km section of the main gas pipeline continues. 43% of construction works are already completed including topsoil removal, pipe welding, insulation, excavation of tranches, backfill, hydro testing, reinstatement etc.

Construction of Gori-Kareli section is implemented under phase IV of the East-West Main Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation Project and is funded by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Contractual price of Gori-Kareli 20 km section amounts to USD 3 889 692, 24. The materials for the construction of Gori-Kareli and Zestaponi-Kutaisi sections of the main gas pipeline were procured under one tender.

Construction works are implemented by a Turkish company AHM ENERGY GAS HEATING SYSTEMS CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. TIC. LTD. STI which won the international tender. Construction works are expected to be completed by October 2014.

After completion of construction of Gori-Kareli section of the main gas pipeline, DN 500 mm sections of the gas pipeline built in the late 1960s will be replaced by DN 700 mm sections and capacity of the pipelines will increase.

Currently, Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation is implementing four projects of main gas pipeline construction. Construction works are underway on DN 700 mm Zestaponi-Kutaisi 23 km section in line with Gori-Kareli section under the East-West Main Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation Project. At the same time, construction works are being carried out on DN 300 mm Rustavi-Sagarejo 25 km section of Kakheti branch of the Main Gas Pipeline System. Rehabilitation-construction project of DN 500 mm Tsiteli Khidi-Marneuli 24 km section of the South Main Pipeline has begun as well.