Georgian Oil and Gas Corporations Begins Implementation of Phase IV of USAID Power and Gas Infrastructure Program

05 December, 2012
Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC) begins implementation of the fourth phase of the USAID Georgian Power and Gas Infrastructure Program (PGIP).

The fourth stage of the program envisages construction of the Zestaponi-Kutaisi 700mm diameter gas pipeline and rehabilitation of high risk segments on the Gori-Kareli section of the pipeline. Design works for the project have already been completed and International tender for the purchase of materials will soon be announced.

In 2010 the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) allocated USD 78 ml for funding GOGC’s gas Infrastructure rehabilitation projects. At first, only the construction of the Poti-Senaki and Senaki-Abasha sections of the Main gas pipeline was planned. However, due to the fact that GOGC introduced new construction technologies, funs were saved to implement new projects.

Under the USAID Power and Gas Infrastructure Program (PGIP), the Poti-Senaki section of the main gas pipeline was built in 2010. Currently, constructions of the Senaki-Abasha and Abasha-Kutaisi sections are underway. The construction planned under phase IV will start in spring 2013. After the completion of the program, the capacity of the pipelines will increase as 500mm diameter pipes will have been replaced with 700mm ones.

USAID has been implementing Power and Gas Infrastructure Program since 2010, and assists the Government of Georgia in undertaking strategic interventions in gas and power infrastructure aimed at enhancing the energy security of the country.