GOGC constructs 20,5 km section of the East-West Main Gas Pipeline

28 December, 2023

 The project is implemented on the basis of the 10-Year Natural Gas Transmission Network Development Plan approved by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. It is an extension of "Natakhtari-Lekhura" 31 km section of the East-West Main Gas Pipeline, which was constructed by GOGC last year in full compliance with modern standards.


According to Shalva Kiknavelidze, "Lekhura-Sveneti" 20,5 km pipeline will replace the existing pipeline and will make it possible to supply population with natural gas in an uninterrupted and quality manner.


"We visited the ongoing works today. The construction will be finalized within about 300 days. The progress of the project will be permanently monitored to ensure that the works are finalized within the timeframes envisaged by the contract", - declared Shalva Kiknavelidze.


It should be mentioned that western Georgia is supplied with gas through the high-pressure East-West Main Gas Pipeline.


Construction works of "Lekhura-Sveneti" 20,5 km section of this pipeline are underway and security of the main gas pipeline system of Georgia will significantly increase after their finalization.