GOGC received ISO 9001-2000 Certificate from BSI MS

05 July, 2007

Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation received Quality Management System International Certificate of compliance with ISO 9001-2000 standards. The Certificate was issued by BSI MS (British Standardization Institute Management Systems).

The Certificate was originally issued in October 2006 to Georgian International Oil Corporation. After the merger of GIOC and GIC, strategic decision was made by Top Management of newly formed company to retain the QMS certificate and provide its constant improvement. 

The scope of the above-mentioned Certificate covers: Monitoring of environmental, technical and engineering aspects of oil and gas pipelines construction and operation. Provision of land plots for oil and gas pipelines.

QMS International Certificate is an indication of consistency and quality of services provided by Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation. The Certificate in the future will help GOGC in bringing the quality of services up to perfection, in increasing the effectiveness of all decisions taken by the management, in providing economic strength and rational consumption of resources.

BSI MS is a world-renowned company. BSI MS was established in 1901. Currently BSI MS has representations in more then 100 countries and is issuing more then 2000 standards per year