GOGC, MCG and US MCC representatives Visit the Rehabilitation Works of the Second Phase of the North-South Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation Project

27 January, 2009

Today, GOGC, MCG and US MCC representatives visited the rehabilitation works of the second phase of the North-South Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation Project.

The construction works are conducted under the second phase of North-South Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation Project of MCG energy infrastructure rehabilitation project and include rehabilitation of the following sections:

- Gardabani 3.6 km corroded section (1020mm diameter gas pipe);
- Rustavi 3.6 km corroded collector (720mm);
- Riv. Gldanula crossing (1020mm);
- Riv. Dushetiskhevi crossing and its left stream (1220 mm);
- Riv. Tskhvedieti crossing (1220 mm and 720 mm);
- Arrangement of two culverts to the North of Ananuri (1220mm);
- Riv. Aragvi riverbed reinforcement works to the North of Pasanauri (1220mm);
- Replacement of valves (530 mm , 720 mm, 1220 mm);
- Dismantling of Zhinvali valve.

Georgian joint-venture New-Energy-Tbilisi-Sakhydro, the winner of the international tender performs the construction works (contract price 8.7 million GEL). The rehabilitation works have been launched in autumn of 2008 and will be completed by the spring of 2009. This is the first time, when a Georgian companies are conducting such a large-scale rehabilitation works on gas main pipeline.

35 % of the total works planned at nine rehabilitation sections are carried out. The rehabilitation at Riv. Tskhvedieti crossing is completed, including restoring of concrete barrage, upstream ground filling and  arrangement of stone riprap to eliminate waterfall effect.

One valve was restored at Gudauri section, the trenching works are completed atriv. Gldanula crossing,  the excavation works to be completed soon at Gardabani and Rustavi rehabilitation sections. 50% of reinforcement works are completed at northern  section of Pasanauri