GOGC Is putting up for sale by an auction two types of oil in the amount of 17.5 thousand tons

12 April, 2011
GOGC is arranging a sale of oil. The corporation has announced about holding an auction for the sale ff 14 000 tons of Georgian Light and 3 500 tons of Georgian Heavy oil.
The Corporation shall supply the oil to the auction winner in several stages. The Georgian Light shall be supplied from the dead end of the village Vaziani railway station and the Georgian Heavy - from the railway dead ends of the villageVaziani and Supsa.

Those bidders who want to participate in the auction shall transfer to the bank account of the Corporation the guarantee (pledge) in the amount of 100 000 US dollars or its equivalent in lari. The sale at an auction between the bidders shall be held with the decrease of auction increment of 0, 2 US dollars towards the discounted 7, 7 US dollars suggested by the Corporation

The deadline for submission to the Corporation of applications by the bidders for participation in an auction is April 20 of 2011.