GOGC has announced an International Tender on the Installation of the Gas Regulation Station

23 August, 2011
GOGC Has Announced An International Tender On Procurement And Installation Of The Gas Regulation Station. Corporation Invites All Concerned Physical And/Or Legal Persons To Submit The Bids For The "Procurement And Installation Of The Gas Regulation Station".
The installation of the gas regulation station is planned on the 24 km section of Senaki-Poti main gas pipeline. Gas regulation station will supply natural gas to Poti Free Industrial Zone, its population and other consumers with DN700 mm pipelines.

The Participants must submit detailed technical and economical scheme, as well as the unconditional and irrevocable bank guarantee with the amount of 1% of the offer price. The interested persons to obtain Bidding documentation are required to pay a Bidding participation Fee of 500 GEL

The contractor should install the reserve (back-up) accumulator that provides power supply to the GRS operating system, gas control and commercial metering devices. Capacity of the accumulator shall be adequate to ensure uninterrupted supply to the above mentioned devices for 24 hours.

Procurement doesn't include fencing of the GRS territory, arrangement of the field and installation of lightning protectors. Contractor shall be responsible for the installation of the concrete foundation needed for the technological arrangement of the GRS using existing iron concrete slabs.

Bids will be opened at Georgian Oil and Gas Corporationat 18:00 local time on September 27, 2011.

Funds allocated for this procurement do not exceed 420 000 USD.