GOGC Has Announced a Tender for the Procurement of Materials and Equipment Required for Rehabilitation Works

15 October, 2015

JSC Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC) has announced a tender for the state procurement of materials and equipment required for rehabilitation works.

Estimated cost of the procurement object envisaged by the tender amounts to 5 115 637, 00 GEL (VAT excluded). The deadline for submitting the bids is November 4, 2015.

The materials and equipment to be procured under the tender are envisaged to be used for the construction of DN 700 Tsiteli-Khidi-Gardabani 17 km section of the pipeline, as well as for setting up diagnostic launcher and receiver units.

After analyzing the studies conducted on various critical segments of the East West Main Gas Pipeline,  the Tsiteli Khidi- Gardabani (I line) section of the Karadagh-Tbilisi main gas pipeline appeared to be the most vulnerable segment of the pipeline. Consequently, the reconstruction of the Tsiteli Khidi-Gradabani section of the pipeline proved to be expedient. It envisages construction of a new line with DN 700 pipes and its respective infrastructure.

The Karadagh-Tbilisi pipeline (line I) is the first gas pipeline built in Georgia, which transported natural gas from Azerbaijan to Georgian industrial, household as well as business consumers. The pipeline was commissioned in 1959.

The reconstruction of DN 700 Tsiteli-Khidi-Gardabani 17km section of the pipeline will finalize the construction of the Tsiteli-Khidi-Saguramo section of the East-West Main gas pipeline.