GOGC Announces Tender for the Construction of “Rustavi-Sagarejo” 25 Km Section of Kakheti Main Gas Pipeline

02 December, 2013
GOGC has announced a tender for the construction of “Rustavi-Sagarejo” 25 km DN300 section of Kakheti main gas pipeline.

The tender applicant should have constructed within last five years in the framework of one project minimum 5 kilometers or longer gas/oil steel pipeline. There shall not be bankruptcy case against Supplier.

The Contractor is obliged to follow requirements of respective laws and provisions with regard to environmental protection, work safety and security.

The Supplier shall complete the works no later than 7 months from the signing of the contract.

The estimated price of the purchased object is 3 593 913, 00 GEL, including VAT. Interested applicants can get explanations with respect to tender documentation in the apparatus of tender commission until December 23, 15:00 pm.

Until the 90s of the last century, Rustavi-Sagraejo section of the Rustavi-Telavi pipeline DN300 was operating in place of Rustavi-Sagarejo section of the Kakheti main gas pipeline. In 1985-1989 pursuant to the Georgian pipeline development program, another DN500 line was built along with Rustavi Gurjaani (89 km) section of the main gas pipeline. In the 90s of the last century the pipeline was stripped off its electrochemical protection, which resulted in the activation of pipeline corrosion process. In order to reduce gas loss, Rustavi –Sagarejo DN 300 section of the main gas pipeline was no longer used and it was removed. Currently Kakheti region receives its gas supply from the Zhinvali branch. Therefore it is necessary to upgrade Kakheti gas supply system and increase the pipeline performance and reliability.