Giorgi Chikovani visits oil primary treatment facility

11 August, 2022
Giorgi Chikovani, General Director of GOGC visited oil primary treatment facility and Vaziani dead-end track, jointly with Directors of GOGC.

Both facilities play a significant role in the energy stability of Georgia. Oil produced from the adjacent oil fields is stored, treated and prepared for sale at the oil primary treatment facility, while Vaziani dead-end track is used for loading oil into car tanks and its sale. General Director of GOGC became familiarized with the working process onsite and discussed the needs with the people employed there:

"Today I’ve heard all details significant for proper operation of the facilities from the people working here. The main part of the needs is related to infrastructure issues. We have evaluated and recorded all aspects which have to be considered in the process of the facility rehabilitation in the future. We have set goals for resolving all problems and improving the infrastructure. Of course, it is difficult to do everything at the same time, however, we will discuss with experienced people working here and will plan all steps to made in coordination with them" – stated Giorgi Chikovani.