Giorgi Chikovani visits Gardabani TPP -2

04 August, 2022
Giorgi Chikovani, General Director of GOGC visited the subsidiary – Gardabani TPP -2 together with Directors of GOGC and Supervisory Board members of the TPP.

During the inception visit, he met the company employees and discussed the significance and the role played by Gardabani-2 in ensuring energy stability of the state.

Giorgi Chikovani became familiarized with the specific nature of 230 MW combined cycle TPP operation. He was informed about the ongoing processes and the current situation by the management, became familiarized with the works in detail and was interested in the needs. "There are only two TPPs of such scale and significance in Georgia. The role of Gardabani-2 in energy sector is huge and I am sure this will continue. Our goal is to use the best efforts for energy security of the country and we rely on your support. I believe that any challenge can be overcome by mutual support. My team and I are ready to share and resolve your needs and problems any time" – stated Giorgi Chikovani during the meeting with the TPP employees.

Gardabani TPP - 2 is equipped with modern gas and steam turbines and generators manufactured by "General Electric". The TPP has a black-start function, allowing to operate the TPP independently from the electricity system. It should be mentioned that only Gardabani TPP- 2 has this unique function in Georgia.

The TPP has been operating since March 2020.