Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation representatives to visit Kasbegi region

24 April, 2007
To define the main gas pipeline rehabilitation sector GOGC, MCG (Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund) and Gas Transportation Company representatives will visit Kasbegi region.

Georgian experts, along with the foreigner experts, on April 25-26 will inspect predetermined sector of the main gas pipeline that must be repaired on the second stage of MCG Energy Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project. This project implies several sectors and tunnels those the gas pipeline intersects.

It is decided that on the second stage of the project 7 taps and 6, 5 km faulty parts of the main gas pipeline south sector would be changed. Other priority parts of the pipeline would be determined after the inspection. For the second stage of the project MCG will appropriate funds at the rate of 25 million USD.

North-South Main Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation is one direction of the project cost of 44, 5 million USD. Gas pipeline is the main object of the Energy System of Georgia. It was built in 70s of the past century. There was not rehabilitation since 1980. Gas pipeline starts from the Georgia-Russia frontier and lasts till Georgia-Armenia frontier (221 km). Gas pipeline guarantees gas supply for Georgia and Armenia.