Georgian company “Comfortmshen XXI” will build Tsiteli Khidi-Gardabani 19 km Section of the Main Gas Pipeline

23 June, 2016
“Comfortmshen XXI” has been declared the winner in the tender announced by Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC) on April 15, 2016, for the procurement of construction works for DN700 Tsiteli Khidi-Gardabani 19 km section of the East-West Main Gas pipeline.

Four companies expressed their interest to participate in the tender -“Sakmilsademmsheni”, a branch of “JSC Neftegasstoyisolation”, “Rapid Engineering & Construction” and “Comformtmshen XXI”.

Within 210 calendar days after signing the contract, the winner of the electronic trade shall fully complete the construction works. The cost of construction works totals to GEL 3 698 927 excluding VAT.

By implementing the Tsiteli Khidi – Gardabani project, GOGC will finalize the construction of new DN 700 Tsiteli Khidi –Saguramo 90km sections of the East-West Main Gas Pipeline. The pipeline sections will replace existing corroded and damaged main gas pipelines, some of which were commissioned in 1959.

The construction of the abovementioned pipeline will significantly increase the reliability of high pressure pipeline system and ensure uninterrupted delivery of natural gas from Azerbaijan to Georgian consumers.