Georgia will host an international conference on shale oil and gas industry

22 May, 2014
With the initiative and support of the Georgian government Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation is organizing International conference – “World Experience in Shale Oil and Gas Industry and Prospects of its Development in Georgia”. The Conference is to be held on June 10-11, 2014 in Batumi, Georgia.

The conference brings together leading specialists and high-level experts of the sector from Georgia, the US, Great Britain, and other European countries. The experts will review up-to date information on shale oil and gas in Georgia and all over the world and discuss commercial and technologies points of the industry as well as the issues related to new risks, geology and environmental protection.

High-rank representatives of the Georgian government, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Environmental Protection and other interested state agencies, the US Embassy and embassies of other countries and large donor organizations, investor companies working in the Georgian oil and gas sector will be among the invited guests and participants.

The conference aims to provide information on shale oil and gas to interested parties and facilitate discussions on the prospects of development of the sector in Georgia.