Georgia Is Involved in International Energy Project

11 October, 2007
On 10 October, 2007 ministers of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine concluded the Interagency Cooperation Agreement in Vilnius. Parties agreed on creation of Odessa-Brody-Plotsk energy corridor that aims to transport Caspian crude oil reserves through territories of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Poland to world markets.

Executives of national oil companies of five participants signed the agreement for establishing of a new company Samartia.

Newly formed company will prepare feasibility study of Odessa-Brody-Plotsk pipeline project to be presented at Energy Security Conference that will be held in Kiev in 2008 following President of Ukraine Victor Ushenko invitation.

On 11 May, 2007 Odessa-Brody-Plotsk-Gdansk pipeline project participant countries' presidents and later on 5 June, 2007 ministers signed the communiqué in support of creation of energy corridor for transportation of Caspian oil reserves to European and world markets. Odessa-Brody-Plotsk pipeline project has been worked out by Ukraine in 90s. The project was initiated to transport Caspian oil reserves to central and north Europe. The official opening ceremony of Odessa-Brody pipeline took place in August of 2001. In May of 2003 Ukraine, Poland and EU signed a declaration in support of transportation of Caspian oil reserves via Odessa-Brody pipeline, as well as extension of its route to Plotsk, and further transportation to Gdansk through already existed pipeline.