George Chikovani delivers a speech at the Romanian International Gas Conference (RIGC)

23 September, 2022

George Chikovani, General Director of GOGC, participated in the work of the Ministerial Panel organized within the framework of RIGC in Bucharest, Romania dedicated to security of gas supply considering the reality created in the region. In particular, diversification of import of energy resources to Europe and the regulatory framework for securing supply were discussed. The Ministerial Panel covered issues like diversification of gas reserves, domestic production of natural gas, gas infrastructure etc. In his speech, Mr. Chikovani focused on the growing role of Georgia as a transit country and its future plans.

"In recent years Georgia managed to establish a diversified and sustainable system of supply of energy resources and it may be a good showcase for the countries whose energy supply depends on a single supplier. The formula for energy security of Georgia is diversification, regional integration, supporting cross-border trade, investments in regional infrastructure and renewable energy", – stated George Chikovani.

The head of GOGC also focused on the opportunities of export of electricity as well as renewable energy sources, for example, green hydrogen to the European market from Georgia. "Georgia with its huge hydro resources can produce and export green hydrogen. Cross-border energy trading is developing very fast and I am sure that our role as a transit country will increase soon and we will supply additional volumes of clean energy", - stated George Chikovani.

Delegations from Azerbaijan, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Servia, Ukraine, Hungary, Albania, Turkey and Georgia participated in RICS.