George Chikovani delivers a speech at the International Conference in Turkmenistan

01 November, 2022
George Chikovani, General Director of Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation delivered a speech at the International Conference "Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan - 2022" held in Ashgabat.
The goal of the 27th International Conference and Exhibition was to enhance the regional dialogue about the further sustainable development of the energy sector, as well as discuss the newest tendencies of the global energy system and opportunities for attraction of direct foreign investments.
The conference agenda included issues such as: the future and challenges of energy; investment opportunities in oil and gas sector; energy of the new epoch – perspectives of internal and regional development; ecologic aspects of hydrocarbon development etc.
At the plenary session called "New challenges and opportunities" George Chikovani reviewed the reality and perspectives of the energy sector considering the situation in the region. He focused on significance of diversification of export routes and creation of a multi-vector pipeline system, as well as the necessity of extending the dialogue between the EU, Central Asia, Caucasian countries, the industry representatives and financial institutions for the purpose of formation of a strategy and enhancement of commitments for building an energy bridge between Turkmenistan and the Southern Gas Corridor.

"The progress achieved in connection with the Southern Gas Corridor, as well as the recent events, give a huge impetus for discussing introduction of Turkmen natural gas into the supply system. The Georgia-Azerbaijan partnership and the Southern Gas Corridor clearly evidence that difficulties can be overcome in case of adequate desire, readiness and engagement from the part of states, bank and private sector and donors.
Our meeting takes place in a very different and complicated geopolitical environment compared to the end of the last year. Actions of Russia against Ukraine, the extensive energy crisis and sharp rise of gas prices in Europe, sanctions against Russia and cutting traditional logistic ties have strengthened the strategic approach of the EU to the Turkmen gas and its aspiration to eliminate dependence on the Russian gas. Interests of both the EU and Georgia regarding security and energy supply diversification coincide with efforts of Turkmenistan related to more diversification of gas export routes.

Georgia is ready to continue an active dialogue with Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Türkiye, other members of the Southern Gas Corridor, EU representatives and stakeholders for achieving the above goals" – stated George Chikovani.
The Conference was also attended by high-rank officials of Turkmenistan, representatives of the Energy Charter, heads of the leading national and international oil and gas companies and global financial institutions, area experts etc.