Construction works on the main gas pipeline "Tsiteli Khidi-Marneuli” section will be completed by the end of February

02 February, 2015

Rehabilitation works of DN500 "Tsiteli Khidi-Marneuli" 25 km section of the main gas pipeline are performed at full-load by Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation and 80,2% of works have already been implemented. The construction works are expected to be completed by the end of February, 2015.

"Tsiteli Khidi-Tsalka-Akhalkalaki Gas Pipeline" was built in 1978 and it supplies gas to the South Georgia. As a result of corrosion developed on certain sections of the pipeline recently, the pipeline operation reliability was put under threat, as gas leaks were observed. Therefore, it was decided to construct a new gas pipeline on “Tsiteli Khidi- Marneuli" section for safe operation of the main pipeline. 

Construction works are being performed by the tender-winning company "Komfortmsheni  XXI". The construction works started in September, 2014.  Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation has supplied "Komfortmsheni  XXI" with pipes and other construction materials of the cost of about 4,5 million GEL for the project implementation. Contractual price is 3 850 000 GEL (including VAT).