Construction of Tsiteli-Khidi- Marneuli Section of the Gas Pipeline Commences

18 June, 2014
ComfortMsheni XXI is to construct the 500DN Tsiteli-Khidi- Marneuli 24km section of the South Main Gas Pipeline. The total cost of the contract concluded on June 17, between JSC Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation and ComfortMsheni XXI amounts to GEL 3, 850, 000 (VAT included).

The tender for the construction of the Tsiteli Khidi-Marneuli section was announced in April 2014.

The contract with the winning company took effect today. The contractor is obliged to complete the construction works within 7 month from the date of signature.

GOGC will transfer pipes and other equipment with the total cost of USD 4, 5 million to ComfortMsheni XXI.

The Tsiteli-khidi-Tsalka–Akhalkalaki gas pipeline was constructed in 1978. Corrosion of certain parts of the pipeline put the pipeline secure operation into question. Consequently, GOGC decided to construct a new pipeline on the Tsiteli Khidi-Marneuli section.