BP Continues to participate in rehabilitation project of main gas pipeline

01 June, 2007
BP continues it's participation in the rehabilitation project of north-south main gas pipeline.

BP has appointed 400 000 USD grant to GOGC for rehabilitation of second phase projection-preparatory activities.

BP representatives together with Georgian Oil and Gas employees have examined currently ongoing rehabilitation activities on north-south main gas pipeline.

Mariam Valishvili, Corporation Director in Issues of International Relations: In the limits of pipeline rehabilitation BP is providing us with major help. After examining restored sections, the company's representatives have expressed their satisfaction on the quality of fulfilled work and project's effective management. Both parties expressed their interest about their continuing co-operation.

The fund "Millennium Challenge Georgia" is implementing the rehabilitation of energy -wise infrastructure. The project duration is designated for three years and it's cost equals to 49,5 million USD. Implementation of the project has started in 2006 and will be completed in 2008.

One of the project's components is the rehabilitation of North-South main gas pipeline, the cost of which equals to 44, 5 million USD.

BP also participates in the mentioned project; the company finances projection-preparatory activities.