Akhalkalaki region will receive natural gas at high pressure

22 January, 2018
Akhalkalaki region will receive natural gas at high pressure. This will be allowed by the works performed by GOGC on the 6 km section of the high pressure gas pipeline.

Increase of gas volumes to satisfy the increased demand on natural gas was put on the agenda in Akhalkalaki Municipality which was impossible to provide using the existing pipeline.

GOGC replaced DN 300 mm polyethylene pipes on Akhalkalaki branch of the high pressure pipeline "Tsiteli Khidi-Tsalka-Alastani" by metal pipes of the same diameter which will ensure high pressure has supply to Akhalkalaki during the cold winter period.

Pressure test works are currently underway on the pipeline. Cut-in works to the operating main gas pipeline will be performed in the nearest future.

6 km, DN 300 mm pipeline was constructed by the Georgian company "Rapid Engineering & Construction" Ltd. which won the tender.