A Pipeline Bridge Will Be Built on Kuro Khevi Section of DN 1200 North Caucasus-Trans -Caucasus Main Gas Pipeline

15 July, 2016

A pipeline bridge will be built on Kuro Khevi section of DN 1200 North Caucasus-Trans -Caucasus main gas pipeline. Works will be implemented by a Georgian Company – Elita Burji winning an electronic tender announced by Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC) on May 11, 2016.

GOGC has already signed a contract with the tender-winning company. The contractor must build the pipeline bridge in Kazbegi Region within 180 days. The cost of construction works totals to GEL 1 483 472.

DN 1200 North-Caucasus-Trans-Caucasus main gas pipeline section is currently located under the river bed, which considering difficult hydrological and geological conditions puts safe functioning of the pipeline at risk. The completion of a new pipeline bridge will boost the security of the pipeline as well asprotect it from natural disasters.