A Pipeline Bridge To Be Built on Kuro Khevi Section of DN 1200 “North Caucasus-Trans-Caucasus” Main Gas Pipeline

05 December, 2016
JSC Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC) is building a pipeline (cable-stayed) bridge in Kazbegi on the Kuro Khevi Section of DN 1200 “North Caucasus-Trans-Caucasus Main Gas Pipeline”.

Concrete anchor and wind posts to support the cables have already been constructed and installation of cables are planned in the near future. After that the pipeline can be placed on the posts.

At the request of GOGC construction works are being implemented by a tender-winning company “Elita Burji”.

Total cost of the works is GEL 1 483 472.

DN 1200 “North-Caucasus-Trans-Caucasus” main gas pipeline section is currently located under the river bed, which considering difficult hydrological and geological conditions puts safe functioning of the pipeline at risk. The completion of a new pipeline bridge will boost the security of the pipeline as well as protect it from natural disasters.