16 companies submitted bidding proposals for preparation of the Feasibility Study for the Underground Gas Storage

12 March, 2015
22 companies from 15 countries expressed their willingness to participate in the international open tender announced by the Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation for the purpose of preparation of the Feasibility Study for construction of the Underground Gas Storage on Samgori South Dome field, however only 16 companies submitted their proposals.

Among these companies are: PSE Engineering Gmbg, Tractebel Enginereering S.A, Ramboll Oil & Gas A.S, TCC Tianchen Engineering Corp,China, Technip Germany Gmbh, Ckd Praha Diz, Triskel Energy Consultancy Ltd, “Oil Gas Scientific Research Projects” Institute, Enex Ukraine LLC, Basis E ngineering SRL, Geostock, Olimps Ltd., Xinjiang Petroleum Investigation Design and Research Institute (Co., Ltd.), Gazoprojekt Sa, Deloitte Financial Advisory S.r.l. and Trans-Servise -KTT LLC.

The technical proposals submitted to the Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation were opened today. The Evaluation Panel will thoroughly review and evaluate the technical proposals. The financial proposals of only those bidders will be opened whose technical proposals will pass the minimum qualifying mark. The bidder submitting the financial proposal offering the lowest price will be announced as the winner.

Preparation of the Feasibility Study will be completed by the end of 2015. Simultaneously, Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation will study the necessary conditions for funding the project. In this regard, discussions with commercial banks, international financial institutions and private companies are underway. Construction of the Gas Storage on Samgori South Dome field is planned to begin in 2016.

The results of the conducted analysis have shown that the Middle Eocene horizon of Samgori South Dome is the most optimal structure in terms of the gas storage construction. After completion of the gas storage construction it will be possible to store 230-250 million cubic meters of natural gas in it, which equals to about 10-15% of annual consumption currently.

By construction of the Gas Storage, Georgia will obtain a facility of strategic importance which will increase the energy security of the country, ensure gas supply to the Georgian customers in critical situations in case of hindering gas supply and reduce the problems related to the seasonal misbalance between gas supply and consumption.