GOGC 's explanation on the possible demolition of the bridges on the river Rioni in the village of Zhoneti

19 March, 2013
Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation gives update on the possible demolition of the bridges, which are being constructed on the river Rioni in the village of Zhoneti, Tskaltubo Municipality.

In summer 2012, in the frames of the Namakhvani HPPs Cascade Construction Project, Namakhvani HPPs Cascade, a subsidiary of JSC Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation, started construction of two bridges on the Rioni River, in the villages of Zhoneti and Tvishi. According to the project, bridges were to be used as part of the access road used for the construction of the hydro power plant for large-tonnage and non-gabarite cargo transportation. It is also noteworthy, that within 50 meters radius there are bridges for automobile use.

Even though a detailed project design of the Namakhvani hydro power plant did not exist when the construction started and existing study was based only on the Soviet period field research, which could not be considered reliable, the decision to construct the bridges was still made.

Moreover, funds for the construction of the project, which totals to USD 600-800 ml, have not been raised yet.

In addition, bridges are being constructed without having construction authorization and completion of the construction will cost GEL 4 ml.

Based on all the above mentioned facts, the decision was made to conserve (not to demolish) the bridges, until the company provides necessary field research, carries out engineering and design works, as well as prepares social and environmental impact assessments for public disclosure and attracts necessary funds, otherwise we assume that the project may cause irreparable ecological and social damage to the country.

As for the speculations that local population could use the bridges if the construction completed, we would like to emphasize that rehabilitation of the existing bridge, which connects Zhoneti to Mamatsminda would be far less expensive.