South Georgia Main Gas Pipeline

Different sections of a 195km long gas pipeline were rehabilitated and 5,5km long section was constructed as part of the Tsiteli-Khidi-Tsalka-Alastani project, aimed to supply Samtskhe Javakheti with natural gas.

The construction of the Tsiteli-Khidi-Tsalka-Alastani section of the main gas pipeline was stopped in the 90th of the last Century, which made the gasification of the region impossible. In 2008, after the implementation of the Tsiteli-Khidi-Tsalka-Alastani project, natural gas delivery was resumed to the Tsalka region; as a result Akhalkalaki, Aspindza, Akhaltsikhe and Ninotsminda regions received their first gas.

By the order of GOGC, GGTC and its sub-contractor - New Energy carried out construction and rehabilitation works.

Several sections of the Pipeline built by GGTC were checked and reinstated. A 24km long Kotelia-Aspindza branch of the pipeline was connected to the main gas pipeline system. In addition, the Aspindza-Akhaltsikhe 24km branch of the main gas pipeline was designed and constructed.

The abovementioned projects enabled the delivery of cheap and ecologically clean energy resources to the Samtskhe–Javakheti region.