Аzerbaijan-Georgia-Romania Interconnector

Within the framework of the Southern Corridor Project, negotiations for the creation of new gas transportation routes were held in 2009-2010. As a result, an agreement was reached on the implementation of the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania Interconnector project (AGRI), envisaging liquefied natural gas transportation to Romania and the European market via the territory of Georgia and the Black Sea.

On September 14, 2011, the Presidents of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Romania and the Prime Minister of Hungary signed a project support declaration in Baku. On the same occasion the respective companies of all three countries – SOCAR (Azerbaijan), GOGC (Georgia) and Romgaz (Romania) signed a Memorandum of Understanding and the Incorporation Act (SC AGRI LNG Project Company SRL) to implement the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania Interconnector project. At a later stage, a Hungarian company MVM joined SC AGRI LNG Project Company SRL.

For the purpose of preparation of the Feasibility Study for the AGRI Project, SC AGRI LNG Project Company SRL hired the UK-based consulting company "Penspen" Ltd. In January 2015, the Board of Directors of AGRI LNG Project Company SRL approved the Feasibility Study prepared by "Penspen" Ltd.

АGRI (Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania Interconnector) meets EU energy diversification and alternative supply route policy. The project is a part of the South Corridor project and enjoys wide international support.