Vapour condenser has been imported for Gardabani TPP

04 November, 2014
Vapour condenser has been imported for 230 MW Gardabani Combined Cycle TPP.

It was rather difficult to bring the condenser manufactured by "Skoda" from Poti to Gardabani TPP. Transportation was carried out mainly during the night hours. Due to the large volume of load, it became necessary to free the road and arrange by-pass roads during the transportation.

Construction of Gardabani TPP has been actively carried out for several months. Putting the TPP into operation is planned for 2015. Gas turbines manufactured by "General Electric" were installed on the territory of the TPP. Potential output of the TPP will be 1,8 billion kWh and in case of problems in the energy system of Georgia it will ensure continuous power supply within shortest possible time.

The investment cost of Gardabani TPP is 220 million USD. 51% of the company shares are held by JSC "Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation" and 49% - by the Partnership Fund. The construction is carried out by the largest Turkish company - "ÇALIK ENERJİ".