Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment is to take care of people and the environment through participating in various social activities and taking initiatives to make people’s life better. Our staff periodically initiate to plant trees, help to improve the lives of those in need, donate funds to various foundations to cover treatment expenses of diseased people and participate in charity campaigns.

Due to our visions, values and strategic goals, GOGC pays particular attention to social responsibility. Taking care of employees and environment and other socially required activities are the main directions on which GOGC focuses in terms of social responsibility.

GOGC takes care of its employees actively by creating a pleasant and comfortable environment and offering various social and material benefits.
Environmental protection is the obligation of each company or person. GOGC actively participates in various environmental protection and tree planting projects/activities aimed at improvement of our environment and raising public awareness in this regard. We consider that healthy environment is the key to a healthy and successful future.