Development Strategy

For stable and successful development of GOGC, it is necessary for GOGC to have a strategic vision in the long run. For this purpose, the main directions of GOGC strategy should be studied and its development plan should be developed.
The main directions of GOGC strategy include: 

  • attraction of cheap energy resources and cooperation with regional energy companies for the purpose of providing cheap and reliable, as well as new sources of supply; 
  • active support of development of the existing and planned oil and gas transit projects through the territory of Georgia; 
  • introduction of effective mechanisms of using revenues received from transit projects, by ensuring minimization of risks caused by changeability of the market price of energy resources and available and guaranteed supply of natural gas to the population and energy sector of Georgia; 
  • participation of the oil and natural gas sector of Georgia in various projects with an exclusive right to carry out the state interests; 
  •  modernization and development of the natural gas transportation network and related infrastructure for the purpose of ensuring the high technical reliability of their operation;
  • diversification of business, including through attraction of foreign investments in projects related to energy security of the country; 
  • facilitation of integration into regional structures through implementation of the legal framework envisaged by the 3rd Energy Package of the EU and international technical standards and norms.

Strategic Planning and Technical Departments of GOGC continuously work to introduce new technologies, increase effectiveness of activities, provide additional sources of energy, obtain energy independence of the country and in other strategically important areas and develop long-term projects which are implemented and introduced stage-by-stage.
For implementation of the above goals, GOGC permanently works to manage the revenues received from oil and gas transit effectively and implements substantial investments in energy projects significant for the country with its own funds.
GOGC actively cooperates with international financial institutions in terms of project funding.

Ten-Year Development Plan for Georgian Gas Transmission Network 2019-2028