the East-West Main Gas Pipeline Kobuleti branch

Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation finalizes 60 km pipeline construction.

The project implemented by GOGC using its own funds on the basis of the governmental resolution has a strategic importance. The pipeline branch covers 60 km section in total – from Abasha to Kobuleti and approx. 40 mln. GEL were spent on its construction. After putting into operation, the pipeline branch will be critically important in terms of ensuring energy stability of Georgia. It will ensure continuous supply of Adjara region with natural gas as well as gasification of new settlements.
Necessity of the pipeline construction was preconditioned by increasing demand of Adjara region on natural gas. Diversification of gas supply in the region will significantly contribute to economic development of the Black Sea coast and the mountainous zone of Adjara.

Currently, Adjara region is supplied with gas through Kutaisi-Sukhumi Main Gas Pipeline Kobuleti DN500 branch which became operational in 1990 and its technical condition has not been significantly improved since then. As a result of the inspection, it was established that its condition does not comply with requirements of main gas pipeline technical and safe operation rules – corrosions, gas leakage, wash-off, loss of the pipeline design condition etc. are observed systematically. As a result, the pipeline’s operating pressure is significantly reduced. Considering all the above and for ensuring continuous gas supply of Adjara region, GOGC considered expedient to construct a new pipeline.